What is the best day to interview?

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If you’re asking this question, you’re not focused on the right thing with your job search.

If you are Googling advice for what is the best day to interview or find yourself over analyzing what’s the best day to interview, you’re not focused on the right ingredients for a successful interview.

Job search advice #1

Companies want an efficient, well-orchestrated interview process that allows them to make the best decisions and present themselves(just like you!) in the best light.

Companies want the following:

Interviews are completed over a short period of time.

Companies want each team member to meet candidates on the same day or have a video or phone interview conducted at the same time, not spread out.

The interview team is engaged, prepared and focused on the interview.

Job search advice #2

You should be fitting into the hiring team’s availability, not the other way around.

Don’t throw another factor into the mix by trying to analyze whether Thursday or Monday is a better day to interview, or trying to game the system.

If you’re trying to figure out the best day to interview, you’re concerning yourself with something that should not be a priority.

The answer to what is the best day to interview is this – the best day to interview is the day that the hiring manager and other team members are available and want to meet you.

If the company has several time slots available, take the first available – your criteria for selecting a time should NOT be based on statistics or an advice you read on Reddit – it should be based on the hiring team’s availability and the soonest you can make yourself available.  

Don’t play hard to get.

Don’t be concerned you’re being perceived as over-eager.

Don’t hesitate and ask to “think about it”.

How to handle “What’s the best day for you to interview?”

Don’t take the bait.  If the company asks, they are being accommodating to you and that should be very much appreciated, but you should flip the question back to them and ask “what is the best day for the group that will be interviewing me?”

You’ll get an answer.


The best day to interview is the day that the hiring team is available and is committed to meeting with you.

If you’re asked when you are available and they are flexible, ask “what is the best day for the group that will be interviewing me?

If you get concerned about what is the best day to interview, people tend to overthink and overanalyze themselves right out of a job.  

The less you concern yourself with things like the best day or the best time, the more time you can focus your energy on interview preparation and learning about the company, the job and who you’ll be interviewing with.

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Bob Pudlock is an executive recruiter and President of Gulf Stream Search, an executive search firm that specializes in the placement of top talent for consumer packaged goods companies and SaaS companies.

Bob’s known as a top CPG and food and beverage industry recruiter and writes for industry publications – you can find his job search, career advice and articles about food safety and food science at The Food Safety Insider.

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