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Alchemy Systems Review & Course Descriptions

Alchemy Academy Review - Online Courses for Food Industry

Alchemy Academy is an online training platform that is well-known for providing food safety related online courses for the food industry, especially food processing and the hospitality industry.  We’ve compiled a list of commonly asked questions we get about Alchemy Academy and have links below for their online courses, some of which have been discounted recently.  

With Covid-19, online platforms like Alchemy Academy are crucial to keep your workforce trained and because they’re an expert in creating coursework, they were quick to create back to work and returning to work online courses like their People Assurance Certification Course.

Frequently Asked Questions about Alchemy Academy

Alchemy Academy is an online training, education and career development platform based in Austin, TX.  Alchemy Academy has a team of course instructors and a instructional program design team that creates online courses that are specific to the food processing industry, foodservice, hospitality and retail.  The training programs are primarily focused on food safety, operations quality and product quality.  Alchemy Academy is part of Intertek Alchemy, which was formed when Interkek Group purchased Austin, TX based Alchemy Systems in 2018.

Intertek is a global provider of Testing, Inspection, Certification and Assurance solutions for companies across industries.

Yes, Alchemy Academy is online training; all of Alchemy Academy’s courses are online, some of which are self-study, some that are instructor-led and some like PCQI Certification Training are a hybrid with self-study sessions as well as instructor-led sessions.

In most cases, yes.

For example, the Basic HACCP certification and Advanced HACCP certification courses are both accredited by the International HACCP Alliance.  

HACCP Certification Courses

Basic HACCP Certification – online course

Basic HACCP Certification – Juice & Beverage certification – online course

Advanced HACCP Certification – online course

Bundled: Basic HACCP Certification & Advanced HACCP Certification

PCQI Training online courses

Preventive Controls for Human Food (PCQI) – Blended eLearning Course

Preventive Controls for Human Food (PCQI) – Classroom Course

Internal Auditing online courses

Internal Auditing – Advanced – eLearning Course

Internal Auditing – Basic – eLearning Course

Bundled: Internal Auditing Basics & Advanced 

BRC Certification Courses

BRC Issue 8 Conversion eLearning course

Food Safety & Quality Assurance Fundamentals Online Courses

Corrective and Preventive Action Fundamentals

Root Cause Analysis Fundamentals

Bundled: Corrective and Preventive Action and Root Cause Analysis

Statistical Process Control Fundamentals

Environmental Monitoring Program

Managing Kosher Production

Essentials of Produce Safety: eLearning Course

Essentials of Produce Safety: Fresh Ed Proficiency Exam

Food Defense in 15

Food Defense Supervisor Awareness – eLearning Course

OSHA Foundations – online course 

Risk Assessment eLearning Course

Verification and Validation eLearning Course

SQF Certification & SQF Training Courses

SQF Edition 8 Conversion Course

SQF Professional Update – August, 2020

SQF Professional Update – September, 2020

Management Tools

Allergen Template Bundle

Desktop Food Safety Plan Review

Environmental Monitoring Program and Risk Assessment Template Package

FSMA Template Package

USDA Template Package

Covid-19 Training

Protek – People Assurance Certification Courses

Hospitality Management Principles for Preventing the Spread of Infection


Courses range in price from $15.00 per person for the Covid-19 Training courses up to $1,750.00 for their desktop Food Safety Plan review.

Most of their programs geared towards individuals and managers are less than $500.00 per course, which is extremely economical considering the quality, the content and the accreditation and certification each individual receives.

Yes, Alchemy Academy has PCQI Training courses available.

These programs are a hybrid self-learning / instructor-led format.

Currently there are 3 upcoming dates for the instructor-led portion of the training, which are below.

PCQI Training – September 11, 2020 instructor-led training

PCQI Training – October 2, 2020 instructor-led training

PCQI Training – November 6, 2020 instructor-led training

Yes, Alchemy Academy has Covid-19 training for employees returning to work that are especially designed for hospitality, restaurant and food and beverage companies.

Protek – People Assurance Certification Courses

Hospitality Management Principles for Preventing the Spread of Infection

Yes, Alchemy Academy offers courses for Internal Auditing that are self-study, eLearning courses.

Internal Auditing – Advanced – eLearning Course

Internal Auditing – Basic – eLearning Course

Bundled: Internal Auditing Basics & Advanced

Yes, Alchemy Academy has a Managing Kosher Production eLearning course specific for companies that are manufacturing, selling and distributing Kosher products.

Managing Kosher Production

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