Covid-19 Back to Work Training Courses from Alchemy Academy

Covid 19 training - covid training for employees
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Returning to work with Covid-19 still a threat is a difficult situation to manage.

Alchemy Academy’s People Assurance Certification Course is perfect for employers of all types to help their employees, customers and guests feel safe and secure by teaching proper behaviors to minimize the spread of coronavirus in the workplace.

What you'll learn

Return to Work with Confidence

The return to work online courses from Alchemy Academy are designed to be interactive, to the point and made to help give employees confidence that their workplace will be safe to come back to.

  • Short modules
  • Interactive
  • Quizzes meant to reinforce behavior retention
  • Gamification
  • Final assessment to test comprehension

Cost-effective Covid-19 Back to Work Training

Stop trying to create your own in-house back to work program – you’ve got enough to tend to without creating your own programs.

Protek has created an easy to order, cost effective program for giving your employees and visitors a safe and secure workplace.

Check it out HERE.

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